The Benefits of Touchscreens For Classrooms

Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) are currently the preferred choice for schools looking for interactive AV equipment in schools, but large touch screen displays are becoming a viable choice. Today, we’re going to look at how a large touch screen can ultimately be a cheaper choice.

Introducing touch screens into the classroom may initially run into some resistance. The IWB is a familiar technology, and it has been the go-to choice for schools since it was developed in the early nineties. But the world of technology is constantly moving forward.

While it’s true that …

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4 Creative Apps for Use with the Interactive Board in the Classroom

The interactive whiteboard has been changing the way students and instructors interact with learning materials in the classroom. To enable users draw the most use out of their whiteboards, there are several creative interactive board apps that have been created to help you organize, brainstorm and prepare your thoughts and ideas on a visual platform. They also present invaluable tools to help you create an interactive, lively and collaborative environment in your classroom for many types of presentations.

1. ShowMe


This app converts your regular iPad into an interactive board that allows …

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Interactive Whiteboard Features

Interactive whiteboards are innovative additions to the classroom and boardroom that are aggressively replacing conventional dry-erase boards because of their advanced features. Interactive boards incorporate features such as touch recognition that allow users to interact with connected computers using touch gestures from fingers or special pens. This feature allows businesses and classrooms to store and share presentation events, create an engaging and interactive environment, improve interactivity with content, and to increase interactivity among networked peripherals and devices.

Interaction with Content                                                                                                                                          

The most salient feature of the interactive whiteboard is in its ability …

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Which Learning Style is Suitable For You?

Each and every one of us is different in one way or another, including how best we learn. Knowing what type of learning style suits you best is important since this will help you be more effective in school, at work and also various situations that may require you to learn new information from time to time.

9CThere are various learning styles.
1. Physical Learning

This is also known as tactile learning or kinesthetic learning. Physical learners prefer to use their sense of touch to learn about things. They thus learn best …

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Smart Ideas For Effective Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

One of the best ways for students to learn and retain knowledge is by participating in the learning process. Taking part in activities in which they can learn and apply concepts spontaneously is extremely motivating. In this article, we will describe some excellent interactive whiteboard lessons that you can use in your classroom.

Get Started By Breaking The Ice
Begin with a low stakes activity called Icebreakers. The purpose of this type of activity is to get students involved and encourage them to interact with you, each other and the whiteboard. This …

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A new style of teaching with the interactive whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards are getting more and more popular in schools and in classrooms where children get lessons. If a classroom wants to have the best possible technology so that children can learn the best possible way, then this is just the way to go. Here is all the information on why teaching with the interactive whiteboard is a new style that is getting more and more popular.

What exactly is the interactive whiteboard?

When you are normally thinking about the whiteboard or blackboard, you are thinking about the teacher that are writing …

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How to Maintain your IWB

Maintaining the interactive whiteboard (IWB) is a breeze. It basically has 3 components: the board, the computer and the data projector. All you have to do is keep these elements operating at their peak. How do you do it?

Cleaning the Board


Let’s start with the easiest part of the IWB to maintain- the board. Other than cleaning it regularly, there’s really nothing more you have to do. Most whiteboards have excellent surfaces. However, they can still stain or “ghost”- show images of a mark after it has been erased. To prevent …

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Rocket Spanish Review: The Good, The Neutral and The Bad

rocket spanishThere are many people today that are putting forth the effort to learn conversational Spanish. In many areas including parts of the United States there is a variety of mixed cultures that are all living in the same communities. This creates the need for people to be bilingual and learn different languages. Spanish is one of the most common that has become important to be able to communicate with others. This is important sometimes in the workforce and in every day life in these communities. In some cases in order to …

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