Technology moves so fast these days! If you’ve been away from the meeting room or the classroom for a while, you might have missed the latest new piece of presentation tech: the interactive smartboard. With one of these bad boys, taking notes is a thing of the past! Not only does the smartboard make writing and drawing more fun than ever, it’s easy to save your presentation with a single click and distribute everything you wrote to the whole meeting. Sound cool? Let’s break it down.

1. Smart and Interactive

Unlike a traditional whiteboard, an interactive smartboard hooks up to your presentation software. It’s equipped with advanced pressure sensors that allow you to write with a stylus or your finger, enabling you to draw and make marks. Most models come with advanced controls, enabling you to not only change your marker color but also advance slides and manipulate your presentation in just about any way you can think of — all from your smartboard!

2. Save and Modify

On a traditional whiteboard setup, every time you erase something it’s gone forever. Not with an interactive smartboard! Whenever you want to return to a point you made previously, everything you wrote is still accessible and easy to pull up. This makes jumping around and answering questions a breeze. This doesn’t mean things are permanent, however. You can erase and modify the contents of the board at any time. Because it’s all electronic, you don’t have to worry about getting marker gunk on your sleeves, either!

3. Send To Everyone

Since you’re writing directly to your device, it’s easy to share your entire presentation with anyone you want! You can save your modifications and send them via e-mail, print it out and share it in person, or upload your slides as a companion to a video. Best of all, the next time you go to make the same presentation, all of your scribbles are available for you to look over, so you can save the best parts of your presentation and improve on the rest.

4. Works With Existing Technology

Interactive smartboards are compatible with all modern operating systems and presentation platforms. You can use them with your Windows PC, Mac, phone or tablet. As far as your projector is concerned, the smartboard is just the same as any other high quality screen — all of the heavy lifting is done by the smartboard itself.

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