Since the advent of the digital whiteboard, it has been playing a crucial role in education. This device has made it possible to teach using the better and innovative ways that were unimaginable before.

Learning the language is a very important part of any type of education because it is the medium of communication. The digital whiteboard has proven to be a great assistance in teaching and learning language skills. Here are the ways this device can be used in a language classroom.

1. Acquainting With The Device And Planning

The first step to using this device in the classroom is to understand its functioning in order to use it efficiently. It is important to note the merits and demerits of the device.

With this knowledge at hand, the teacher can plan how to use the digital whiteboard in the classroom according to the needs and requirements of the class. The important things to consider while doing such planning are:

– Number of students in the class.
– Size and structure of the classroom.
– Position of windows and doors and benches.
– The level to which the students are familiar with the technology.
– The types of classroom activities the students enjoy the most.
– Duration and schedule of activities.

Depending on the individual classrooms, there can be additional factors that can be taken into consideration.

2. Writing Practices

Writing consists of not only the understanding of the language but also the imagination and creativity. To encourage the students to write on their own, the teacher can show a few images or a small video, and ask the students to write a story depending on what they perceived from the image or video. Such activities will help students get comfortable with writing and even enjoy it.


3. Remembering Vocabulary

Vocabulary adds richness to the language. However, many students while learning the new language find it difficult to remember words and their meanings. The digital whiteboard can help a lot in this regard. It is a proven fact that visual methods improve memorization of what is being taught. The teacher can show images along with the meaning of the words.

4. Learning Pronunciation

Many students understand the words and their meanings but fail to pronounce them correctly. Teacher can just show different words on the digital whiteboard and ask the students to pronounce it. After that he can play the sound of correct pronunciation. This helps the students to learn faster.

5. Speaking

Speaking is a major part of learning any language. However, just like writing, speaking consists of imagination and understanding of the language. The teacher can do similar activities like the ones for writing to encourage speaking also. For instance, he can show an image and ask the students to describe what they see.

Learning a new language is difficult for many students. However, by using the correct methods with the help of the digital whiteboard, it can be made easy even for the weak students. Due to such benefits, this device finding place in the language classes in many educational institutions throughout the world.

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