The Digital whiteboard is changing the face of learning all around the globe. The boards are a product of interfacing data sources with the presentation devices. Changes can be carried out on the board without necessarily doing so on the computer. So what benefits do these devices brings to our education system? Below, we discuss advantages of digital whiteboard.

1. Eases Presentation
Unlike traditional blackboards, the presenter gets to add markings and colors to their presentation to emphasize their points more. The boards can be used with various peripherals like video cameras, computers and also scanned images.

2. Greater Student Involvement
Changes on a digital board are made simply by tapping on board or by making changes at the computer. Students incorporate their ideas on the board by using their finger as a mouse while the rest of the class discusses whether the changes are favorable. The teacher moderates the entire discussion and corrects where need be.

3. Saves Time
The teacher gets to prepare their lesson beforehand and share it with the class during the lesson. Changes can be made in the classroom and saved. The saved documents are easily retrieved for revision during the next lesson. Additionally, copies of a brainstorming activity can be printed out and handed out at the end of the lesson, thus saving both the teacher and the learner time.

4. Injects Fun into Learning
Users of all ages are drawn to the digital whiteboard. Compared to the traditional mode of lesson delivery which encourages little learner interaction, this mode allows students to brainstorm and bounce off their ideas on the board. Students are certainly going to enjoy doing so.

5. Makes It Easy to Remember
Visual information is easier to remember that heard information. The digital whiteboards use this principle effectively. By changing colors and moving images across the board, learners’ attention is effectively captured thus promoting knowledge retention.

The fusion of technology and education brings a positive change to any education system. Digital whiteboards are leading the way by make learning of any concept, fun, interactive and easy to remember. It also eases presentation of concepts and saves teachers’ time. Digital whiteboards therefore promote effective learning.

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