An interactive board is an instructional tool that allows large display of computer images. It is a large interactive display which is used in classrooms to perform tasks and operations that will allow students access writings, diagrams and illustrations on the display. It effectively provides the instructor with a perfect way to teach by engaging with the students. The teacher only needs to control elements on the board by using his/her finger to maneuver the items on the screen.

In order to make learning a success in the classroom, interactive board uses various resources that bring a better engagement with the student that increases learning. These resources include:

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1. Crickweb

It is best for 4 – 11 year old students because it is equipped with resources and animations that suit this age bracket. It encourages students to enjoy fun learning on the interactive board through educational games that include counting, initial sounds, matching numbers and digits, compare and order and even mouse skills. This gives students a good learning foundation.

2. PBS Kids

PBS Kids contains interactive games and videos for interactive board that is fun and appealing to the children. It contains a collection of popular games that are educative to the children and find them interesting and exciting.

3. Math Playground

Math Playground is the ultimate way to ensure children enjoy learning maths and various math topics. It is the best way to engage children in fun learning as it contains Geometry, multiplication and division, addition and subtraction, fraction and decimals and even praelgebra. Interactive whiteboard allows children to access math playground and learn math problem solving, puzzles and many more.

4. Sheppard Software

This resource is suitable for children of all ages as it contains a variety of educational games for nearly every subject and age. The games are projected on the interactive board and makes learning to be fun and exciting for all students.

5. Teacher LED

Teacher LED site contains a number of quality, helpful teaching resources for teachers. It assists teachers give enhanced explanations, demonstrations and comprehensive examples for students to understand well. Students are able to view these illustrations on the interactive board and make them understand better.

Interactive board is no doubt the best learning tool which engages young learners for a better understanding. It has greatly revolutionized the learning industry.

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