What started as a mere hypothesis, about students having different learning styles, has now been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. So, teachers now have the responsibility to cater to a student’s preferred learning method in order to tap into their unutilized comprehension and metacognition skills.

Among various classroom technologies that are now widely being used around the world, the interactive smartboard occupies a special place in letting students learn the way they want. If you’re a teacher, you can make the most out of this device in the following ways:

1. Being Creative

Trying to be creative with your teaching style is one of the best things that a teacher can do because every student needs variety within the classroom. Creativity comes easy with an interactive smartboard because this device lets you cater to visual and auditory learners, or both at the same time. By combining different forms of multimedia, you can put up something new in front of the students every time and keep their interest alive.

2. Using the Core Principles of Teaching

Like all other electronic gadgets, interactive smartboards too have their own pros and cons. When teaching using technology, many teachers make the mistake of getting too fixated on the technological device rather than focusing on teaching their students. The best way one can use an interactive smartboard is as an accessory rather than the primary form of communication.


3. Identifying Preferred Learning Styles

Interactive smartboard or not, you still have to put in the work to determine the ways your students prefer learning. Researchers found that 50% of students primarily learn through doing something while 40% students learn by watching. This tells us that students are more likely to respond when teachers use an interactive style of teaching combined with a visual aid in the form of different graphics and other images.

4. Taking It Easy

Relax; you’re not the only one who is trying to adapt to a new teaching style. The best way to be interesting in the classroom is by being yourself and having fun. Teaching becomes so much easier when you’re not fixated on one particular “mantra.”

The purpose of the interactive smartboard is not to replace the traditional methods of teaching, but better help teachers to connect with their students.

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