Enhancing an Engaging Kids Learning With Interactive Board Resources

An interactive board is an instructional tool that allows large display of computer images. It is a large interactive display which is used in classrooms to perform tasks and operations that will allow students access writings, diagrams and illustrations on the display. It effectively provides the instructor with a perfect way to teach by engaging with the students. The teacher only needs to control elements on the board by using his/her finger to maneuver the items on the screen.

In order to make learning a success in the classroom, interactive board uses …

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How Digital Whiteboard Helps To Get Ahead Of Competition

In today’s world, there is heavy competition in almost any industry. It is especially true in the finance industry which is very dynamic and the market can change within minutes. Therefore, in order to progress and not only survive, it is important to get ahead of the competition. Technology can be of great help in this regard. Digital whiteboard is a device which can not only speed up but also improve several company operations and processes.


1. Improved Customer Service

It is said that growth in business is largely determined by the …

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Benefits of Using Interactive Whiteboard for R&D

Interactive whiteboard has turned out to be an absolute essential in the R&D (Research and Development) environment. It has resulted in efficient collaboration between businesses and their team, not to mention clients and partners worldwide. From improved decision making, efficient collaboration, to note taking, there are lots of benefits that R&D environment can derive from the use of the interactive whiteboard.

1. Reduction in Time and Travel Expense

This is perhaps one of the most obvious benefits provided by the interactive whiteboard. This whiteboard helps organize meetings right away regardless of …

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Creating Various Learning Styles with Interacitve Smartboard

What started as a mere hypothesis, about students having different learning styles, has now been proven beyond any reasonable doubt. So, teachers now have the responsibility to cater to a student’s preferred learning method in order to tap into their unutilized comprehension and metacognition skills.

Among various classroom technologies that are now widely being used around the world, the interactive smartboard occupies a special place in letting students learn the way they want. If you’re a teacher, you can make the most out of this device in the following ways:

1. Being

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4 Productive Ways To Use Electronic Whiteboard In Class

As the technology is advancing, new tools and devices are invented. One such device is electronic whiteboard which is being adopted widely for improving the quality of classroom education. However, after incorporating this technology in the classroom, the first step, to reap its benefits, is to know how to use it, especially the ways which prove more productive than the traditional teaching methods. Here are four such ways.

1. Create Interactive Morning Message

A good way to start the class in the morning is to give the students something to think about …

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How To Use Digital Whiteboard To Teach Language

Since the advent of the digital whiteboard, it has been playing a crucial role in education. This device has made it possible to teach using the better and innovative ways that were unimaginable before.

Learning the language is a very important part of any type of education because it is the medium of communication. The digital whiteboard has proven to be a great assistance in teaching and learning language skills. Here are the ways this device can be used in a language classroom.

1. Acquainting With The Device And Planning

The first …

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Make Your Presentations A Breeze With An Interactive Smartboard

Technology moves so fast these days! If you’ve been away from the meeting room or the classroom for a while, you might have missed the latest new piece of presentation tech: the interactive smartboard. With one of these bad boys, taking notes is a thing of the past! Not only does the smartboard make writing and drawing more fun than ever, it’s easy to save your presentation with a single click and distribute everything you wrote to the whole meeting. Sound cool? Let’s break it down.

1. Smart and Interactive

Unlike a …

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How To Choose Best Touch Screen Whiteboards

Touch screen whiteboards are famous these days. Be it education, corporate workplaces or medical centers, they are seen everywhere. However, due to their popularity, a number of manufacturers have started producing them, thereby resulting in a large number of options for the customers.

Considering this, it is important to make the right choice depending on the needs. Again, there are various factors that can be taken into account while making the decision, like, usability, durability, user friendliness, damage resistance etc.

This article focuses on the different types of touch technologies used in …

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How Digital Whiteboards Promote Learning

The Digital whiteboard is changing the face of learning all around the globe. The boards are a product of interfacing data sources with the presentation devices. Changes can be carried out on the board without necessarily doing so on the computer. So what benefits do these devices brings to our education system? Below, we discuss advantages of digital whiteboard.

1. Eases Presentation
Unlike traditional blackboards, the presenter gets to add markings and colors to their presentation to emphasize their points more. The boards can be used with various peripherals like video …

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How The Interactive Whiteboard Is Changing Training Lessons

Training sessions no longer need to be boring as rapidly advancing technology has completely changed the game to something amazing. With more dynamic features than ever before, the technology used in a training room has also made the sessions more interactive and practical for the attendees.

This is possible all due to the interactive whiteboard that comes with many salient features and the benefits of cost effectiveness.

What are the advantages?

1. Improved Interaction: Perhaps the biggest advantage of including an interactive whiteboard is that it makes training lessons far more interactive. …

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