Interactive whiteboard has turned out to be an absolute essential in the R&D (Research and Development) environment. It has resulted in efficient collaboration between businesses and their team, not to mention clients and partners worldwide. From improved decision making, efficient collaboration, to note taking, there are lots of benefits that R&D environment can derive from the use of the interactive whiteboard.

1. Reduction in Time and Travel Expense

This is perhaps one of the most obvious benefits provided by the interactive whiteboard. This whiteboard helps organize meetings right away regardless of where you are, something that comes in handy especially if you’ve got a team spread all over the world.

The intuitive nature of interactive whiteboard leads to more collaboration, involvement and quick sharing of data. What’s more, it can double as a smart tool for home workers, who can join the movement by simply downloading the interactive whiteboard software.

2. Quick Decision Making

Quick decision making is another benefit you get from interactive whiteboard. This is achieved through the quick remote collaboration that eliminates the need to assembling the key decision makers in one place.

Furthermore, projects get to be signed off instantly since the relevant documents get to be displayed on the interactive whiteboard. In short, you get to meet deadlines more easily, reduce project expenses and let your products reach the targeted group much faster.

3. Direct Note Taking

Interactive whiteboard eliminates the need to spread images, documents and other data across different devices. Therefore, you get to view everything on your interactive whiteboard for direct note taking within the relevant documents.

With it, you get to keep a more effective record on your progress, which can be saved and re-opened for later use. Alternatively, you can choose to convert to PDF with the notes intact and email to your team to keep them updated on the latest developments.


In summary, you get very few limitations from the use of interactive whiteboard in R&D. It lets you view and work on any given file or application. What’s more, there are third party programs that allow for seamless integration between computers and interactive whiteboard. The functionality of interactive whiteboard can be taken to a whole new level by recreating the meeting environment with the use of video conferencing.

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