Our Mission

As a nonprofit educational organization, our mission is to provide curricula that supports the academic, social and ethical development of children. With a wealth of experience in conducting research and creating programs to help children achieve their full potential, our goal is to improve literacy and critical thinking skills – particularly for those in underprivileged circumstances whose needs are not always met by traditional teaching methods. We are passionate about ensuring teachers are highly effective, which is a vital part of improving education outcomes for children, so we encourage continuous development of teaching practice. To enable this, we want schools to have a culture where learning is enjoyable, where teachers strive to be successful and where students are given opportunities to achieve the highest standards.

How do we do it?

We realize that how we teach is just as important as what we teach. It’s not about dictating inflexible curricula, but empowering teachers to create the best conditions for their classroom that not only meet rigorous state standards, but consider the developmental needs of every child. We want children to learn appreciation and respect for other opinions and ideas yet use critical evaluation skills in their everyday life. We aim to nurture their confidence to disagree respectfully and suggest better ways forward so they can become responsible citizens making a genuine contribution in the world.

Our Partners and Support Network

We are incredibly fortunate that many foundations and government agencies support our work, which have allowed us to make our programs more effective by incorporating rigorous tests, evaluations and improvements. We have developed strong relationships with schools and districts nationally as well as after-school organizations. All our partnerships enable us to ensure the practicality and feasibility of our programs, as well as their effectiveness for use in a variety of settings while catering for the broad diversity of students.

Please join our thriving community of educators and our quest to promote best educational practices around the country! Every contribution and opinion is welcome and we encourage you to get in touch with any questions. Let’s look to the future; give your voice to the support of the social, academic and emotional development of our nation’s children.

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