A Comprehensive Guide on the Benefits of Interactive Board

Research has found that students absorb information efficiently through audio and video presentations. Over the years, smart boards have proved popular for learners of all ages. This cutting-edge technology basically turns a typical topic into a fun learning lesson. For instance, if a teacher is conducting a lesson on agriculture, he or she incorporates digital pictures of nursery plants, farms, pesticides, bio-fuels, fruits and vegetables; shows videos of monoculture farming and different agricultural methodologies, and then goes to websites; like Google Earth, and takes the students on a tour of different rainforests. …

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How Electronic Whiteboard Is Transforming Classroom Learning

It is now proved that the conventional ways of teaching and learning are no longer effective. The decreasing trend of students’ academic performance is, therefore, no surprise. The major reason behind this is the distractions caused by video games, computers and smartphones.

However, the modern technology provides far better alternatives to the conventional education methods. The electronic whiteboard is one such alternative, which is rapidly transforming the teaching and learning in the present day classrooms.

The various features of this device make it possible to deliver the lesson in ways that arouse …

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7 Tips To Start Using Electronic White Board In Classroom From Day One

Integrating the electronic white board in the classroom may not be difficult, but it can certainly take time. Once that is done, thinking about how to start using it, may also cause further delay. Therefore, here are seven actionable tips for the teachers to help them start using it from the day one.


1. Record And Save Your Lessons
Record the lesson that was taught in the class on a given day, and make it available to the students, especially the ones who missed the class. Also, add an overview of the …

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Save Classroom Time With An Electronic Interactive Whiteboard

These days, teachers are held to very high productivity standards so it is important to make the most of every moment of classroom time. Since its introduction just a few years ago, the electronic interactive whiteboard has proven to be a very effective tool for saving time and increasing productivity in the classroom. Students whose teachers make good use of this vibrant and exciting tool have shown significant increases in comprehension and scoring on standardized tests. Furthermore, students universally enjoy lessons presented using an electronic interactive whiteboard.


Plan Well
Your electronic interactive …

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Why You Should Stay Organized In The Classroom

A lack of organization in any activity is a bad thing, but in a classroom it can easy turn to outright chaos. Young people are easily distracted and need structure to keep their attention focused. When the structure collapses, they find their own ways to “stay busy”.

A well-planned and executed lesson, on the other hand, is a joy to behold. Students are engaged and absorbed in their studies. The morale is high, and they learn more, which is the real reason for you being there.

Although planning applies to all stages …

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SoftLINK Provides Smart Classroom Management Tools

In the previous post of this series, we gave a brief overview of the popularity and benefits of combining IWBs and SoftLINK in the classroom setting. Now in this post, we will get into a bit more detail about the many helpful tools SoftLINK can provide for both students and teachers.

Manage Your Classroom Quickly & Efficiently
SoftLINK provides teachers with excellent tools to help with classroom management. For example, you will be able to turn off all devices and mice whenever you need to. When you want absolute attention from the …

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IWBs & SoftLINK Are A Winning Combination

All over the US, training labs and whiteboard schools are constantly adding exciting new technology to their classrooms. A previous survey found that most teachers believe that technology is helpful in expanding upon and reinforcing content. Additionally, they say that new technology helps to motivate students to more successful learning and that technology helps accustom students to a wide variety of methods of learning. Many of the teachers surveyed felt that adding new technology to their repertoire of teaching tools helps them to accomplish more.

It’s easy to see that technology in …

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The Benefits of Touchscreens For Classrooms

Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) are currently the preferred choice for schools looking for interactive AV equipment in schools, but large touch screen displays are becoming a viable choice. Today, we’re going to look at how a large touch screen can ultimately be a cheaper choice.

Introducing touch screens into the classroom may initially run into some resistance. The IWB is a familiar technology, and it has been the go-to choice for schools since it was developed in the early nineties. But the world of technology is constantly moving forward.

While it’s true that …

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4 Creative Apps for Use with the Interactive Board in the Classroom

The interactive whiteboard has been changing the way students and instructors interact with learning materials in the classroom. To enable users draw the most use out of their whiteboards, there are several creative interactive board apps that have been created to help you organize, brainstorm and prepare your thoughts and ideas on a visual platform. They also present invaluable tools to help you create an interactive, lively and collaborative environment in your classroom for many types of presentations.

1. ShowMe


This app converts your regular iPad into an interactive board that allows …

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Interactive Whiteboard Features

Interactive whiteboards are innovative additions to the classroom and boardroom that are aggressively replacing conventional dry-erase boards because of their advanced features. Interactive boards incorporate features such as touch recognition that allow users to interact with connected computers using touch gestures from fingers or special pens. This feature allows businesses and classrooms to store and share presentation events, create an engaging and interactive environment, improve interactivity with content, and to increase interactivity among networked peripherals and devices.

Interaction with Content                                                                                                                                          

The most salient feature of the interactive whiteboard is in its ability …

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